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It is not possible to provide all content of this website in any language but feel free to call us (tel: 02742/90811), send us an email or visit us in case of children rights and we will find a solution together!

We offer advice, information and help for all persons requesting consultation - children and youths, parents, teachers and institutions - as far as interests of children and youths are concerned.

e.g. in questions of custody and visiting rights, in case of educational difficulties and problems in the process of getting independetn, problems concerning crime, sexual abuse or maltreatment and general questions regarding the rights of children and youths.

We encourage the establishment of better living conditions for children and youths.

We organize informative events and projects on issues of major importance for children and youths.

e.g. lectures at schools and youth centres on the topics of legal protection and rights of children and youths, partnership and conflicts, gender mainstreaming, mediate pedagogics in elementary schools in Lower Austria, pedagogical music-theatre for children etc.

We propose and give expert opinions on legal rules, decrees and other legal regulations as seen from the children´s and youths´ point of view.

.. the Lower Austrian Ombuds Office for Children an Youths takes the role of a mediator between the institutions of youth welfare, the parents respectively the single parent, school, kindergarten etc. on the one hand and the children and youths on the other.

All issues are dealt with confidentially and free of charge, on request also anonymously.

As an independent interest pressure group (institution of the provinicial government of Lower Austria) the Lower Austrian kija is a drop-in, information and consultation centre for children and youths, parents and for all persons who are privately or professionally engaged with children and youths.

The Lower Austrian kija functions as listener to and mouthpiece of children´s and youth´sconcerns, problems and needs and as mediator in case of conflicts regarding children and youths.

A fruther central task is the improvement of living conditions of children and youths within the family and society based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The authorities and administrative departments of de province, the communities, the representatives of youth welfare and their institutions as well as other agencies dealing with a concrete case shall support the Lower Austrian kija in the execution of their legal tasks and supply them with the required information.

The Lower Austrian kija can claim party status in administrative proceedings within the framework of their tasks.

The most important principle of the Lower Austrian kija is confidential, free of charge and - by request - anonymous treatment of all inquiries!

The law, where the NÖ kija is embodied:

§§ 79-81 NÖ Kinder- und Jugendhilfegesetz 2013

§ 79 Establishment and Organisation

(1) At the offices of the Provincial Government, a Lower Austrian children’s and youth legal service ["NÖ Kinder- und Jugendanwaltschaft"] shall be established. It shall comprise a head and the staff required who shall be appointed by the Provincial Government.

(2) (Constitutional Provision) The Lower Austrian children’s and youth legal service shall be a body of the Province of Lower Austria. In terms of civil –service regulations of the public sector it shall be subordinated to the Provincial Government and shall not be bound by instructions.

(3) Within the scope of its authority to supervise and authority to direct, the Provincial Government shall provide easy access to the Lower Austrian children’s and youth legal service for citizens of the province and children and youths in particular. In order to achieve this objective, de-centralized branches of the Lower Austrian children’s and youth legal service may be established.

(4) The Lower Austrian children’s and youth legal service shall establish counselling sessions in the individual districts, if necessary.

(5) The Lower Austrian children’s and youth legal service may be used confidentially and anonymously.

(6) If necessary, but at least every two years, the Lower Austrian children’s and youth legal service shall submit a report of activities which the Provincial Government shall forward to the Provincial Parliament.

(7) The authorities and agencies of the province, the communities, bodies of private youth welfare and their institutions, and any other facility concerned with an actual case shall provide the Lower Austrian children’s and youth legal service with the support and information required to perform its duties as stipulated by law . The Lower Austrian children’s and youth legal service shall be obliged to observe secrecy about facts gained knowledge of in no other context than this activity, inasmuch as this shall be required in the interest of the children and youths concerned or other interests connected to youth welfare.

(8) Within its scope of activities and its measures, the Lower Austrian children’s and youth legal service shall at all times give due consideration to the rights and the well-being of the children it shall represent. The Convention on the Rights of the Child (BGBl. No 7/1993) shall be the guiding principle of its actions.

§ 80 Duties

The Lower Austrian children’s and youth legal service shall have the following duties:

  • advising minors, persons with parental responsibility, and legal representatives in all matters concerning the minors’ status and the duties of persons with parental responsibility;
  • assist in all disagreements and disputes concerning matters of care and upbringing;
  • act as an intermediary between youth welfare facilities, parents, schools, kindergartens, and children and youths;
  • convening information session on matters that bear particular relevance to children and youths;
  • monitoring the administrative practices in youth welfare;
  • scrutinizing and proposing regulations and other legislation from a children’s and youths’ point of view;
  • Making propositions in order to create better life conditions for children and youths;
  • Proposing special control measures for private youth welfare institutions in the event of grievances;
  • Safeguarding the interests of children and youths in all planning and research activities

§ 81 Rights in the Administrative Process

(1) On the basis of this law, the Lower Austrian children’s and youth legal service may apply for party status as per § 8 AVG 1950 in administrative processes, inasmuch as this shall be necessary for the performance of its duties as per §80.

(2) To the extent that the Lower Austrian children’s and youth legal service shall be entitled to party status, it shall be entitled to the right of appeal as per Art. 131 Abs. 2 B-VG [Federal Constitutional Law].

We operate on the basis of legal principles as an independent institution of the provincial government of Lower Austria.

We are all ears and at the same time mouthpiece for children and youths, we listen to them and take them seriously.

They are equal partners, we accept them in their "state-of-being".

We support children and their parents in critical situations of life by offering confidential and anonymous advice, information and help free of charge.
Everybody has a new perspective.

Our events and public relations aim at making a biotope of our society where every child, every young person, has his place.

Our goal is to improve living conditions of children and youths on an individual, structural and legal level.

We are engaged with all our heart –
we make children strong!